Our Methodology

Take The Guess Work Out of Hiring

Procuring today’s top talent needs to be done with precision and strategy. Our engagement model yields high “introduction to hire” ratios, allowing you to hire more efficiently and find the talent you need to achieve more.

  • Client Knowledge

    We learn all aspects of your business to develop a compelling Value Proposition that attracts top talent.

  • Talent Success Profile

    Together we establish the success criteria a candidate needs to perform their duties at a very high level for the best ROI.

  • Sourcing Strategy

    We leverage the latest marketing techniques, robust industry networks and referral-based recruiting to identify talent fast.

  • Screen & Selection

    We present a fully vetted short-list of candidates who meet your success criteria and align 100% with your company culture.

  • Relationship Building

    Ongoing contact and customer service drives performance and enables our contractors focus on your business initiatives.

Stop guessing.  Hire true “difference makers” with Valence.

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