Success is built from the inside out.

A strong foundation is the basis of solid construction. Same with our relationships. Before one of our contractors sets foot on your site, we spend time getting to understand their strengths and goals. What do they do best; where do they thrive?

An authentic and personal approach

Valence Staffing is family owned. We’re part of the communities we serve and treat the people we work with like part of the family, not just a number or a warm body. Our success is built on  the personal bonds we build with each client and employee.

Laying the groundwork

It begins with digging deep into your specific goals and requirements. Using this strategic approach, we can make sure people are well-qualified and suited for each specific environment.

Whether you’re designing, building or maintaining a structure — we’ve got the engineering, construction and manufacturing talent you need to stay on time and on budget.

Staying in touch

Leveraging technology allows us to engage in real time via text. We can react quickly to any questions on concerns you may have.

Nothing is predictable in construction; we’re here to offer some stability.

Build your future success today.

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